In grammar, a suffix is a word or element added at the end of another word to adjust or qualify its meaning, such as -ation (confirmation, privatization), -ing (driving, soldiering), and -itis (appendicitis). Some suffixes are created artificially from the end part of words to form similar types of word with different reference, e.g. -aholic (from alcoholic, forming workaholic etc.)

Modern English usage. 2014.


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  • Suffix — Sn am Ende angefügtes Wortbildungselement per. Wortschatz fach. (18. Jh.) Entlehnung. Substantiviert aus l. suffixum das unten Angefügte    Ebenso nndl. suffix, ne. suffix, nfrz. suffixe, nschw. suffix, nnorw. suffiks; Affix, sub . lateinisch l …   Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen sprache

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